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You Focus on your business,
while we manage your Entire Production

We have a dedicated team of designers, merchandisers and sample men who convert your design ideas into garments. Our designers are continuously studying the latest trends all the time, sourcing new fabrics & trims, and creating our exclusive samples as well.

Our sourcing merchandisers arrange for fabrics, laces, trims, nets, embellishments and all other accessories from our huge network of suppliers across India.

Before production, we prepare patterns for every silhouette. Our expert pattern masters, create patterns using the latest CAD system. 

Cutting masters are expert in bulk fabric cutting using the latest equipment to minimise wastage and increase accuracy. 

Our tailors are skilled artisans producing your garments with all their heart. 

Quality check is done at every stage of production, from procurement of raw materials to finishing of final garments. In-house inspection is conducted before sending the shipment to clients.

Major Lifestyle is the top choice of brands as their factory partner.

Our top priority is always client satisfaction.We work as your factory partner and not just supllier.
We believe in quality work and strive to deliver nothing but the best to all our clients worldwide.

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Innovative Industry in The Outdoor Since 1983

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Value Addition Services


Post Production Services



Pre Production

Quality Control starts from the procurement stage.At every step of purchasing and processing, we thoroughly check the quality of fabrics and trims, printing, embroidery, etc - before issuing anything in production.

Post Production

From bulk cutting of fabrics to stitching of final garments, line managers are continuously checking quality till the goods are not packed, tagged, barcoded and shipped to our clients.

Quality Control


Logistics & Shipping



Shipment is packed according to packing instructions of the clients. This includes barcoding, carton marking, inner/outer carton packing.


Logistics team handle the freight and customs for the shipment.